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   Hello thespians! 

           As an actor, I am intimately aware of the struggles and costs associated with supporting a self-managed acting career. I spent several years in the central region hitting brick wall after brick wall, and I became frustrated. The price

tag on demo reels and headshots overwhelemed me - so I learned to do it myself. 

           I went to film school to learn how to work both sides of the camera; coming from humble backgrounds without

the funds to purchase the necessities, I see every obstacle as a challenge to overcome rather than a dead-end. Once

I learned the ins and outs, it became a lot easier to record self-taped auditions, take and edit headshots, cut demos

and build websites. Soon I wasn't just managing my own career on a technical scale, but also helping my friends with auditions and reels. 

         Now I'm offering all the essentials for a professional actor's tool box at a lower costs than you'll find anywhere

else in an effort to help my fellow actors seize the opportunities that seem too daunting to reach without the aid of a

Fairy Godmother.

Please feel free to reach out to me through the contact form on this website! 


Cait Brasel