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Cait grew up focused on the ambition that one day she would be an actor, a filmmaker and would own her own production company. She spent many years as a kid with a video camera in her hand when other kids were playing with toys. After graduating highschool she went to college, found her tribe of like-minded creatives, met her future business partner Jonathan and earned a degree in Film and Video Production, graduating with honors. 

She has collectively worked on projects ranging from feature-length narrative and documentary films to music videos, commercials, and non-profit videos since 2008. 

In 2015, Cait worked alongside Francis Ford Coppola during his first "proof of concept" for Live Cinema, called Distant Vision. On this project, she and partner Jonathan worked as documentarians - capturing the essence of Coppola's endeavor which created another step in film history. 

As a filmmaker, her most recent project was an independent anthology film titled MONO, which raised over two thousand dollars for charity at its premiere screening in January of 2018.  She is an actor, writer, director, camera op, producer and editor.

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Jonathan was born and raised in Oklahoma and has been studying filmmaking since he was a small boy. He would often be found with a videocamera in his hand, capturing moments and creating short films with his friends. After highschool, Jonathan studied Theater stagecraft before transferring to film school where he studied film and video production, photography and graphic design. There he met his business partner Cait.

Jon has been directing commercials, music videos, and short films for over 10 years and has also served as a Cameraman, Cinematographer and Editor on countless productions. 

In 2015, Jonathan directed the documentary Live Cinema Workshop which follow's Francis Ford Coppola's creative process during the making of his live cinema format "Distant Vision". The documentary captures the immense undertaking Coppola and his crew went through to create the live cinema 'proof of concept', which was broadcast live to select theaters for the first time in filmmaking history.

Since this documentary, Jonathan and Cait have continued to bring stories to life for clients ranging from small businesses, non-profits, and filmmakers to musicians and artists of all kinds.